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I am waiting for 5 days admin add my ETH wallet so i can be able to withdraw but admin doesn't want to fix this very simple problem.

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BANNER 160x600
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Details of Benjiro
  • Lifetime: 164 days
  • Monitored: 144 days
Our Ratings
  • Our Investment: $400.00
  • Payout Ratio: 137% in profit
  • Withdrawal: Automatic
  • Payment: Bitcoin
Not Paying
Last Payout Aug 13th, 2020
  • GOOD 1
  • BAD 0
  • Min/Max: $5 / $50000
  • Referral: 7%
  • All Monitor: ISP HYIPBOX AHS ahm
  • Support: Support E-mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan:

2.1% daily for 20 days

Forum: MMG
Benjiro description:
Privetstvuem You on the website of the international investment company Benjiro, inviting the cooperation of everyone who wants to increase their capital by investing in the market of cryptocurrency trading. Our team consists of talented enthusiasts who decided to form a company with a common goal — to create a big budget for effective trading in the market of digital currencies. Great experience in this sphere and cooperation with reliable partner organizations has enabled us to achieve high results trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin on the major exchanges of the world. If anyone has doubts concerning the correctness of the choice of activities, it is not from us. Cryptocurrencies have high volatility, and conducted with them operations — liquidity, which allows to achieve impressive results in the process of trading. But for the further development of our company and reaching more important goals, it was decided to increase working capital by attracting third party investment. One of the main factors in the success of the company Benjiro — fruitful cooperation with professional analysts responsible for expert analysis of the current situation on the market of cryptocurrencies. Reliable forecasts from competent professionals enable timely adjustments to actions of traders on the exchanges, intelligently diversifying financial resources and, therefore, keeping the high efficiency of the trading process. What`s Your guarantee? We regularly replenish our reserve Fund for the unforeseen circumstances in connection with which absolutely all invested funds are protected from loss. The cost of basic cryptocurrency world continues to grow, so these attachments will long be appropriate and cost-effective. Timeliness of payments investor dividend — the fundamental basis of client trust and excellent reputation of our company.
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RCB Rates for Benjiro
Deposit Percent % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
$1 $10 1.00% 1210% $0.00 1000% $0.00
$11 $30 1.00% 1010% $0.00 900% $0.00
$31 $50 1.00% 910% $0.00 800% $0.00
$51 $100 1.00% 810% $0.00 750% $0.00
$101 $300 1.00% 770% $0.00 740% $0.00
$301 $500 1.00% 750% $0.00 720% $0.00
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  You must be our referral to request Referral Commission Back (RCB)

  You can't deposit with one payment processor and request RCB from another.

  Referral Commission Back will not be returned, if your deposit made more than 96 hours ago. Referral Commission from older deposits will not be returned.

  Multiple IDs are not allowed.

  We only send RCB if we got the Referral Commission Paid.

  Please Do NOT submit RCB request if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.

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RCB Requests for Benjiro
# Date User Deposit/RCB Account Status Batch #
1 Jul 25th, 2020 12:43:11 Muh******* $28.50/$2.88 PerfectMoney U18******* Paid 325494791
2 Jul 23rd, 2020 01:42:33 P93******* $30.00/$3.18 Payeer P93******* Declined -
3 Jul 18th, 2020 22:20:55 nat******* $178.00/$14.06 Bitcoin 1Ak******* Paid -
4 May 6th, 2020 17:36:35 nat******* $80.00/$6.40 Bitcoin 1Ak******* Paid
5 Apr 19th, 2020 11:41:46 nat******* $45.00/$3.83 Bitcoin 1Ak******* Paid -
6 Mar 27th, 2020 12:36:09 nat******* $30.00/$3.18 Bitcoin 1Ak******* Paid